Innovation for the future

Our customers benefit from us being passionate about what we do. We supply quality raw materials through a global network for the coatings & adhesives industry. We combine these materials with first class technical resources and service to produce a formula for commercial success.

Our up-to-date technical resources and quality products ensure the most innovative and practical solutions.

Quality Management

Chemiplas has a commitment to provide our customers with products and services of consistent and appropriate quality in accordance with the International ISO 9001 standard.
Our objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction. We supply products and services from manufacturers with internationally accepted food safety and quality standards, this combined with our ability to offer innovation and technical expertise, means that Chemiplas is your partner from concept to finished product.


With over thirty years experience in supply and coatings formulation Chemiplas is ideally suited to match your concept ideas with real raw material solutions. Our wide range of resins extends from water based emulsions from BASF, to solvent based acrylics from Evonik, to epoxies from Hexion.  Complimented with our extensive portfolio of additives and pigments from world renowned manufacturers you can be confident of the formulation of quality coatings. So if you’re looking for colour or protection, waterbased or solventbased, heavy duty or light industrial, automotive or marine, fast cure or long potlife; we have all your raw material and formulation requirements at our disposal.

Construction, Adhesives & Sealants

Long term performance in the construction market is essential; with right blend of raw materials you can deliver the required formulation to meet you customers’ requirements. With the strength of Hexion, Chemiplas has the right mix of epoxy Resins & blends, diluents and curing agents for the toughest jobs. Combined with our portfolio of thixotropes and additives your customers can be assured this long term performance. We also offer a wide range of raw materials for waterbased and hot melt adhesives, as well as silicone sealants.


The increasing demands placed on inks in modern processes require high quality raw materials. Shifts in printing substrates, technology and sustainability necessitate forward thinking, as does the demands from the environment. With the innovative raw materials available from our portfolio of resins and additives we have the right mix for your demands. Our principal-based extends from Asia through Europe to the USA to keep you in touch with the future of ink formulations.

Civil Engineering

If road marking is your business, Chemiplas has the ability to drive your business forward. If you’re formulating self leveling flooring epoxies or compounds, Chemiplas can match your requirements. We offer a full range of resins and other products to meet the demands of long term performance in the most extreme interior and exterior environments in the civil field.

Allied Industries

In addition to the specific industries mentioned earlier, Chemiplas also offers a diverse range of chemicals and raw materials for the allied chemical industries. The end markets include metal & water treatment, agriculture, mining, paint strippers, floor polishes to name a few. With our network of suppliers we have access to the world of chemicals.

Coatings & Adhesives