Chemistry for life

Our customers benefit from us being passionate about what we do. We supply quality ingredients through a global network for the food, nutraceutical, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. We combine these ingredients with first class technical resources and service to produce a recipe for commercial success.

You are what you eat. That’s why we source only the best ingredients from our global supply network.

Quality Management

Chemiplas has a commitment to provide our customers with products and services of consistent and appropriate quality in accordance with the International ISO 9001 standard.
Our objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction. We supply products and services from manufacturers with internationally accepted food safety and quality standards, this combined with our ability to offer innovation and technical expertise, means that Chemiplas is your partner from concept to finished product.


With over thirty years of experience in supply, blending and formulation Chemiplas is ideally suited to match your concept ideas with real ingredient solutions. Our range of bakery ingredients includes rheology control agents sourced from CP Kelco and other world leading hydrocolloid suppliers, free flow agents for flour and bakery premixes from Evonik and carbohydrates sourced throughout the world.  Our suppliers offer test kitchen and pilot plant facilities to ensure you receive the most innovative and practical solutions.


From viscosity control to fortification we have the knowledge and ingredient lines to ensure your product’s success in this rapidly changing sector. We offer a complete range of hydrocolloids from world leaders such as CP Kelco, sweet flavours from the internationally acclaimed French flavour house Robertet and a wide range of natural and artificial high intensity sweeteners. Our access to the very best ingredients and technologies will ensure your product concept has the optimum chance of success.

Dairy and confectionery

The evolution of trends and the fashion of food, is perhaps best personified by the dairy and confectionery industries. With wide product appeal, and developing nutritional messages, creating the excitement of “new” with both convenience and safety, is a challenge we embrace. Combined with the demands of cost optimization, and unique processing constraints, Chemiplas ingredients offer solutions for all your products. From our comprehensive range of hydrocolloids, phosphates, emulsifiers and starches, right through to our quality flavours and innovative nutraceutical ingredients.

Soups, sauces and dressings

From thick cream sauces to clear consommé and exotic dressings, the look, feel and taste of these products give the finishing touch to a meal.  Stabilising these products, without compromising flavour and appearance is where we excel. With our complete range of hydrocolloids, our flavours and flavour enhancers, starches and phosphates, Chemiplas ingredients add the finishing touch to your formulations.

Meat, poultry and fish

The value added meat, poultry and fish industries are continuously searching for product improvements, innovations and a point of sale difference. Whether it be for purge control, textural improvements or increased yield we have the ingredients and technical know-how to ensure your product challenges and concepts are matched with the most effective ingredient solutions. From formulated combinations to single additive lines Chemiplas has the recipe for your success.


Market demands play a major role in our dynamic  range of nutraceuticals. From branch chain amino acids to an elusive botanical extract, we have the ability to source any ingredient, be it for weight management, body-building or general well being. Variations in pack sizes and customised blends are available as part of the complete Chemiplas service.

Pharmaceuticals and personal care

Our global supply chain ensures quality ingredients for this essential sector. With superior manufacturers represented, we are able to offer cutting-edge products with global approvals. The latest pharmacopeias of a large range of raw materials assure our customers meet the highest regulatory requirements. Ingredients include silicas, preservatives, vitamins and minerals for tablets, capsules, powdered formulas, creams and lotions.

Food & Wellness