Plastics for every day

By partnering with some of the most innovative plastic
manufacturers and compounders, Chemiplas is able to offer
complete, cutting edge solutions - now and in the future.

Success is based on long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers. Our expertise and knowledge allows us to source the best fit and best quality raw materials for our customers.

We have polymers for industry, automotive, consumer products, packaging - now and for the future.

Quality Management

Chemiplas has a commitment to provide our customers with products and services of consistent and appropriate quality in accordance with the International ISO 9001 standard.
Our objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction. We offer innovation and technical expertise combined with the supply of products and services from quality global manufacturers. This means Chemiplas is your partner from concept to finished product.

Polymers for Industry

So often the solution is a simple marriage between the desire for performance and the supply of a suitable product.

The key to polymer selection lies on what a product does, not what it is. Whether the requirement is for strength, heat resistance, clarity, UV resistance, flame retardancy, wear resistance or all of these, Chemiplas can supply the successful solution.

Polymers for Automotive

Our range of Polymers include nylon 6, 66, 610, 612, 12 modified PP’s for under bonnet and door applications. We source from our suppliers who  have considerable experience with polymers in th oe automotive industry.
Polymers for Consumer Products
PP, PE, ABS and Styrene are some of the polymers used in manufacturing household items and takeaway food packaging.  Our global supply chain provides quality ingredients for this essential industry.

Polymers in packaging

Chemiplas supplies plastics that are used in almost every product on the supermarket shelves - and throughout general industry.

Products used in food packaging are designed to enhance openability and to shelf life. Special polymers created to enable down-gauging, less packaging, and therefore less waste are growing in demand.

Polymers for the future

Chemiplas represent EPI Environmental Products Inc., who produces Totally Degradable Plastics Additives (TDPA).
These additives are added to certain polymers to help in breaking down the end product.  For example PE bread, carrier, garbage bags, PP food containers, cups, tableware and cutlery are users of TDPA.