Pulp & Paper

Our focus is on the supply of high-performance specialty products via Tier One manufacturers.

Our strengths lie in the areas of paper machine wet end chemistry, pulp mill/bleach plant process additives, coating latex and auxiliary products and influent and effluent water treatment. We can also supply a full range of bulk delivery, storage, and dose control equipment options to support our product applications. Delivery of our products can also be via specialized and dedicated pneumatic delivery tankers if required.

To ensure optimum operating efficiencies, very high levels of technical support are available to all our customers via locally-based representatives. We share very close working partnerships with both our suppliers and customers.


Chemiplas receives regular visits from our Principal’s Technical Experts who are able to provide a global perspective to our business. In addition, our major Principals supply technical support during trials or commissioning projects to ensure our customers get the best possible use out of their products.

Regular activities carried out by our Pulp and Paper Sales / Technical Support Team include;

With our Principal and Product Portfolio and our experience in the Pulp and Paper Industry we are able to offer a total systems approach for our customers.

Through close working partnerships and proactive, hands-on methodology we are able to assist by improving overall operating efficiencies.

Quality assurance and safety

Our New Zealand owned warehouse is accredited to ISO 9001 (2008) and our national service provider in Australia is likewise accreditated to ISO 9001.

Chemiplas is a signatory to the New Zealand Chemical Industry Council’s Responsible Care Programme and as such we are committed to satisfying the conditions attached to this programme. Chemiplas operates a 24 hour emergency response ensuring product and safety information is available at all times.

Agency base

A large number of exclusive agencies, many of whom are acknowledged world leaders, plus an infrastructure that enables us to source worldwide.

Companies represented:

BASF: World leader in Specialty Chemicals for the Pulp and Paper Industry – including Retention and Drainage Aids, softening aids, antiscalants, sizing agents, coating auxiliary products (including insolubilizers and latex), dyes, optical brightening agents and fluorochemicals, coagulants and flocculants for raw water and effluent treatment and other process aids.

CP Kelco: World’s largest producer of CMC. CMC is used extensively in the paper industry for strength development and in coating formulations. CMC (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose) is a versatile water-soluble based polymer.

Avebe: Avebe, is the world’s major producer of potato starch and starch derivatives. It supplies a significant amount of starch to the paper industry in the areas of surface sizing, wet end applications, coatings and converting operations. Chemiplas also have very significant tapioca-based availability in Asia via SMS and SSI (two major production facilities formerly owned by Avebe).

BIP: Well established UK supplier of MF insolubilizing resins and UF/MF wet-strength resins and surface coating resins.

Chemstone: Specialty pulp mill surfactant and antiscalant additives.