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    Errecom Extreme Ultra is the ultimate refrigerant gas leak sealant, stopping leakages in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

    Extreme Ultra locates and repairs microleaks (up to 0.3mm) in rubber and metal components of A/C systems, providing a permanent seal.

    The 6mL dose leak stop works with all types of refrigerant gases, including R32, R134a and R1234yf. Treats A/C and refrigeration systems up to 21KW (6 tonnes). The polymer-free solution does not react to moisture or oxygen.

    Extreme Ultra has to be injected into the Air Conditioning or Refrigeration System through the low-pressure charging port.

    Once injected, it will begin to circulate inside the system together with the refrigerant gas and compressor oil. Once it locates the leak, it will begin to settle creating a permanent repair.

    Extreme Ultra for air conditioning and refrigeration systems – how it works:

    • A single cartridge is a universal dose for systems up to 21 KW or up to 700mL of Compressor Oil
    • Non-reactive to oxygen and moisture
    • Easy to inject in AC/R systems working with refrigerant gas R410a and R32 after system is pumped down (see video for details)
    • Safe for A/C system components
    • Ideal for preventative maintenance
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    All deliveries are despatched from our Auckland warehouse.

    Orders placed before 10am will be picked for despatch same day.

    Orders placed after 10am will be picked for despatch the following day.

    Delivery times are subject to location, with standard service being:

    Auckland: Next Day Delivery.

    North Island (Main Centres): Next Day Delivery.

    South Island (Main Centres): Delivery 2 days Following Despatch.

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