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    Chemiplas HFC permit entitlement is secure | Chemiplas New Zealand

    As a result of the Kigali Amendment, from December 31, 2019, importers of HFC gases into New Zealand will need a permit to import. Chemiplas is pleased to confirm we have received our permit entitlement, enabling us to remain a major supplier to the HVACV&R sector.

    The Kigali Amendment (Kigali) is an adjustment to the Montreal Protocol, the international treaty that led to the phase out of ozone depleting substances (e.g. CFC’s & HCFCs). In 2016, the Montreal Protocol was amended to enable the phase out of HFC’s; this amendment was ratified by member countries in Kigali (Rwanda), hence the name Kigali Amendment.

    As a result of Kigali, New Zealand law will now require importers of HFC gases to apply for a permit to bring the gas into NZ (after December 31st, 2019).

    The permit quantity issued will be reduced gradually over time until 2036, when it will be set to zero. This phase out is staged - to enable the industry to convert to the next generation gases in a managed way. This phase down of imports is very similar to the way we phased out ozone depleting gases previously.

    As the exclusive NZ distributor for Arkema, the world’s second largest producer of synthetic refrigerant gases, Chemiplas has the full technical backing for the full range of next generation refrigerant gases and we are now holding these as stock items.

    Our HFC permit allocation, along with the line-up of next generation products means Chemiplas is perfectly placed to support the NZ marketplace today and into the future.

    For more information on Kigali (and see the phase down timeline) see the EPA website link: https://epa.govt.nz/industry-areas/hazardous-substances/hfcs/why-rules-have-changed/”

    The full list of permit holders can be found at: https://www.epa.govt.nz/industry-areas/hazardous-substances/hfcs/current-grandparented-eligibility-holders/

    To ensure you have uninterrupted supply into next year and beyond, please do contact us as soon as possible.

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