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    CoffeeFruit Pure – The New Superfood of 2020

    A natural by-product of the coffee industry, CoffeeFruit Pure is not only a responsible sustainability story, it contains unanticipated nutritional value in the form of antioxidants, dietary fibre, magnesium and potassium. And only 0.5% caffeine.

    Chemiplas Health & Nutrition are the exclusive suppliers of CoffeeFruit Pure to New Zealand and Australia.

    Where does CoffeeFruit Pure come from?

    Also known as Cascara, CoffeeFruit Pure is 100 per cent natural with no added ingredients or fillers. It comes from the juicy red husk of Arabica coffee cherries – effectively, what is left after the coffee beans (seeds) are extracted.

    Previously discarded as waste, more than 25 million tonnes of coffee fruit was being left to rot and waste annually, contaminating local land and waterways with harmful mycotoxins.

    The coffee fruit was also discovered to be a potent superfruit, far exceeding other fruit-derived superfoods in total phenolics and chlorogenic acid content.

    CoffeeFruit Pure partnered with Bella Vista Coffee in Costa Rica, the two businesses intent on reducing the impact of coffee manufacturing on the environment and putting the wasted fruit to better use.

    The coffee fruit at Bella Vista is handpicked and processed through an eco-friendly mill on site. Once the bean is extracted, the remaining skin and pulp goes through a completely natural process to make CoffeeFruit Pure.

    You get pure fruit and nothing else.

    Upon separation from the coffee bean at the mill, the remaining top-quality coffee fruit is immediately processed before it can ferment or decay.

    Processing is very gentle to maintain the nutritional value of the coffee fruit and preserve the unique balance of its various constituents. No chemicals or solvents are used. You get a pure and potent ingredient.

    A truly versatile ingredient.

    Available in powder or dried tea cut, CoffeeFruit Pure is a neutral brown base flavour with no taste of coffee.

    Business Development Director for CoffeeFruit Pure Stuart Nixon says that recent nutritional testing reveals CoffeeFruit Pure as a potent and efficacious choice for various health solutions, which may assist with maintaining blood sugar, digestive health, heart health, skin health, metabolic health and sports recovery.

    Popular as tea, it fits a whole range of beverage products from Supertea, to Kombucha and beer. It can be incorporated into bakery products (for fibre), sports products (pre-workout) and cosmetics (for antioxidant benefits) too.

    The key benefits of CoffeeFruit Pure:

    • 100% natural, no added ingredients, or fillers

    • Antioxidants significantly higher than other fruit products (ORAC 1869^ umol TE/g)

    • Whole fruit (dried) and fruit powder (not an extract)

    • High fibre content (minimum 47%)

    • Significant potassium levels at 3000mg/100g (higher than banana, spinach, coconut and kale), which may support blood pressure, bone and muscle strength,         and electrolyte levels

    • High levels of magnesium at 88mg/100g, which may assist with calcium assimilation for bone health, glucose metabolism, muscle health, function of enzymes

    • Good levels of easily digestible fruit protein (8%)

    • Zinc (1.6 mg/100g), which is necessary for a healthy immune system, can stimulate enzyme activity or assist wound healing.

    Find out more about CoffeeFruit Pure at www.coffeefruitpure.com

    We see numerous possibilities for product development with this truly versatile superfruit.

    If you are interested in CoffeeFruit Pure, please get in touch


    ^CoffeeFruit Pure has been tested by Brunswick Labs October 2019.

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