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    Need protection against Coronavirus?

    The risk to human health due to Coronavirus has highlighted the importance of regular and effective disinfection of surfaces, equipment and air conditioning systems in public areas such as schools, airports, stations, swimming pools, hospitals, medical centres, shopping centres and public transport.

    With no specific treatment or vaccine currently available,  preventing exposure to the virus and effective disinfection of public places are important to control the spread.

    Axcentive, the manufacturer of Halamid® universal disinfectant, has confirmed that Halamid® has proven effective in killing Coronavirus.

    Axcentive’s Halamid is a highly effective and versatile biosecurity solution. It is used extensively around the world in public areas, health centres, food processing plants, on farms and in horticulture markets to prevent serious outbreaks caused by pathogens.

    Halamid is a real solution to help avoid the spread of Coronavirus and is readily available through Chemiplas NZ Limited.

    Please see the Axcentive Halamid product information here or get in touch to find out more.

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