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    Sea Salt with Naturally Low Sodium and the Same Salt Taste

    Health organisations, nutritionists & many others are calling for reduced sodium levels in our diet but this has been difficult to achieve without reducing salt and affecting taste and functionality….......until now ; CHEMIPLAS are excited to announce a new partnership with SALTWELL, offering a unique Sea Salt with naturally 35% less sodium.

    SALTWELL is a natural sea salt that performs and tastes just like regular salt but nature delivers it with 35% less sodium than regular sea salt.

    5 Reasons to Try SALTWELL:

    1. 35% Less Sodium than Regular Salt
      • Every grain contains 65% Sodium Chloride and 30% Potassium Chloride
    2. One Natural, Unique Grain
      • Extracted from a mineral rich underground sea in the Atacama dessert
    3. Tastes like Salt
      • Potassium and Sodium is naturally present in the grain; therefore the taste is the same as regular salt without any bitterness.
    4. Easy Switch
      • 1:1 Switch to obtain the same taste and functional results of standard salt
    5. Endless Applications
      • Bread
      • Meat
      • Soups
      • Sauces
      • Snacks
      • Meals
      • Seasonings

    For more information please contact:

    Australia:               joanna.sanderson@chemiplas.com.au 

    New Zealand:      emma.holden@chemiplas.co.nz

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