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    Chemiplas stocks a comprehensive range of Bacharach refrigerant gas leak detectors and monitors for both synthetic and natural refrigerants.

    Bacharach Portable Refrigerant Leak Detectors Bacharach Fixed Plant Refrigerant Monitors & Parasense Bacharach Natural Refrigerant Leak Detectors

    Bacharach fixed instrument selector

    Find the Bacharach product that is suitable for the refrigerant you are working with in the table below.

    Gas Safety Group Multi-Zone Single-Zone PGM-IR MGS-250 MGS-400 Series MGS-550 MVR-300
    Monoxide, CO - -
    R-744 (Carbon Dioxide, CO2) A1
    R-1150 (Ethylene, C2H) A3
    FA-188 - -
    FC-72 - -
    FC-3284 - -
    H1211 - -
    H1301 - -
    H1336E - -
    H1336Z - -
    H2402 - -
    HFP - -
    LPG - -
    R-50 (Methane, CH4) A3
    N1230 - -
    N4710 - -
    N5110 - -
    N7100 - -
    N7200 - -
    N7300 - -
    N7600 - -
    Nitrous Oxide, N2O - -
    Nitrogen Dioxide, NO2 - -
    Oxygen, O2 A1
    R-11 A1
    R-12 A1
    R-113 A1
    R-114 A1
    R-123 B1
    R-1224ydz A1
    R-1233zd A2L
    R-1234yf A2L
    R-1234ze A2L
    R-124 A1
    R-125 A1
    R-134a A1
    R-21 B1
    R-22 A1
    R-23 A1
    R-227ea A1
    R-236fa A1
    R-245fa B1
    R-290 (Propane) A3
    R-32 A2L
    R-401A A1
    R-402A A1
    R-402B A1
    R-404A A1
    R-407A A1
    R-407C A1
    R-407F A1
    R-408A A1
    R-409A A1
    R-410A A1
    R-422A A1
    R-422D A1
    R-424A A1
    R-426A A1
    R-427A A1
    R-434A A1
    R-438A A1
    R-448A A1
    R-449A A1
    R-450A A1
    R-452A A1
    R-452B A2L
    R-454A A2L
    R-454B A2L
    R-454C A2L
    R-455A A2L
    R-500 A1
    R-502 A1
    R-503 - -
    R-507 A1
    R-513A A1
    R-514A B1
    R-600 (Butane) A3
    R-717 (Ammonia, NH3) B2L
    Sulfur Hexafluoride, SF6 - -
    Sulfuryl Fluoride, SO2F2 B1
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